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Wuxi Green Heat-treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd.

RCWG series of roller-supported mesh belt heat treatment production line、RGD Type Roller Quenching and Tempering Production Line、RCLC series of chain resistance stove、Model RTS handspike resistance stove、RGDQ Type Roller Gas Furnace、Push Disc Type Steel Cylinder Annealing Line、Track Roller Spraying and Quenching Production Line

Booth No.:H1-2313

Zhe Jiang Zhongyu Fastener Co.,Ltd.

The professional large-scale production of all kinds of internal six angle non - standard high strength screws, flat cup DIN7991, round cup ISO7380, cup head DIN912

Booth No.:H2-1835A


Vacuum heat treatment, Vacuum surface nitriding and Cryogenic treatment

Booth No.:H1-659B

Tianjin Hongchang Fastener Co.,Ltd

drywall screw,chipboard screw,drilling screw,self tapping screw , bolts, plastic anchor kit,strap toggle andflat washer(GB,AS)

Booth No.:H2-1920B

Introduction to Longsheng Screw Co., Ltd.

agricultural machinery screw, machine tool screw.

Booth No.:H2-1919


Booth No.:H2-2029

Handan Hounian Expand Screw CO.,LTD

Hex bolt sleeve anchor,flange nut sleeve anchor ,eye bolt sleeve anchor ,hook bolt sleeve anchor ,chemical anchor ,expand screw ,wedge anchor and drop in anchor

Booth No.:H2-1339

Guangzhou Lanonuk Chemical Co., Ltd.

Oil used in cutting, forging etc

Booth No.:H1-1655

Dongguan New Dacheng Hardware Co.,Ltd.

tools for fastener

Booth No.:H1-356


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