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Wuxi OVG Technology Co., Ltd.

Fast Optical Image Size Measuring Instrument, Fast Optical Thread Measuring Instrument, Fast Optical Bolt Measuring Instrument

Booth No.:H1-2315

Jiangxi Shengjin Industrial Co., Ltd.

GB/T120-Internal threaded cylindrical pin 、GB/T119-Cylindrical pin、GB/T118-Conical pin with internal thread、GB/T117-Conical pin、DIN912-Inside hexagonal cylindrical head screw

Booth No.:H2-607

Foshan Yu Hai Screw machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Cold forging machine; Thread rolling machine

Booth No.:H1-1021B

Jiangsu Xingchangjiang Group Co.,Ltd.

bolt and nut

Booth No.:H2-1315

Lishui Boo Exhibition Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Online oil Ejector, centralized oil Ejector, oil Ejector and other cleaning oil Ejector supporting equipment; Arrange conveyor, automatic replenishment machine, screw hoist, conveyor and other transport machinery.

Booth No.: H1-1668B

Yangzhou Polysplendid Spring Co.,Ltd.

Mainly products are disc spring, dual-stacked self-locking washer,french washer, disc washer, serrated disc washer,spherical surface washer,disc spring for ball bearing.

Booth No.:H2-2365

Shandong Xinxin Metal Mesh Belt Machinery Co.,Ltd

Metal mesh belt for heat treatment

Booth No.:H1-157


Wide variations of headers and part formers from 1 die 1 blow up to 8 die 8 blow, and tooling.

Booth No.:H1-2162

Ningbo Exact Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

Chipboard screw, Drywall screw(Deck screw),Self-drilling screw,Self-tapping screw,Machine screw,Window Screw,Roofing screw,Thread rolling screw,Particle board screw

Booth No.:H2-331


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