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Nanjing KERUN Lubricants Co. Ltd., your industrial fluids equipments turnkey solution provider.KERUN provides quenchants for heat treatment,metal processing and forming medium,surface treatment medium,cleaning agent,rust inhibitor and complete sets of equipment.Through providing customer industrial fluids and integrated solutions,optimizing industrial process, we can effextively enhance your market competitiveness.As a key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan,KERUN brings together experts enjoying special government allowences,constitutors of industry standards,oversea returnees,masters and doctors of national key disciplines etc.,KERUN builds a post-doctoral scientific research workstation and successfully provides more than 3000 industial customers in various fields with strong strength of research technical support.

Product Catagories

turnkey solution for fastener manufacturer ,technical support; chemical management system design and put it into effect; cold forming oil; metal cutting oil & aqueous medium; quenchants,tempering oil; cleaning agent,rust inhibitor,blackening agent;

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