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Dongguan Guan Hong Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is the first one by advanced cold forming technology, focusing on the production and sales of PEM standard self clinch nuts in China. After eight years of development, focus on the Guanhong hardware with the experience of design and production of mould, bold research and development, the design mould of self clinch nuts. Today's Guanhong, has more than 20 sets cold forming machine, dozens of tapping machine, mould workshop. Our Self clinch nut, from carbon steel to stainless steel, from M3 - M10, as well as a variety of non-standard custom products can meet the automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, toys and other industries demand, be the first choice of the sheet metal products.In order to expand the development of the enterprise, the Guanhong hardware in October 2014, invest about RMB5million in kunshan city, jiangsu province, build up the factory of kunshan KH auto parts co., LTD., he will continue to be the continuation of guanhong’s enterprise purpose, to ensure the product quality as the top priority, higher technology products, expanding the scope of the enterprise's products .At the same time, he will use the advanced parts molding machine, advanced cold heading technology, focuses on the development full rivet nut (M3 - M12), cold forming self clinch nuts, such as the self clinch screw, sheet metal products. Enterprises will develop more auto parts, special-shaped parts, titanium products, over the next two years will be heavily into auto parts market, better service and meet the needs of our customersWe will continue adhering to the principle of innovation, focus, quality, to develop more quality products, enhance the value of the company, to build integrated production and marketing of high-end auto parts industry in the country.

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Pressure Rivet Nuts, Riveting Screws, Rivet Nuts, Kelly Nuts, Aerospace And Military Fasteners

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