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Company Introduction

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is an extra large-size iron and steel joint venture in China. It is a listed company in A+H stock markets and has 20 million tons of steel production scale. It has advanced production lines of cold and hot rolled strip and plate, galvanized strip, color- coated strip, H-section steel, high-speed wire rod, high-quality bar, high-speed wheel and special steel in the world. It has formed an unique product structure of "plate and strip, section steel, wire and rod, train wheel and special steel". Maanshan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd. is a steel production base for high-speed and heavy-haul wheels, axles and key components in China. It has advanced international production technology and equipment such as ultra-high power electric arc furnace, vacuum degassing system, round billet caster, KOCKS three-roll heavy-haul reducing and sizing unit. High-quality bar (16-280mm) 800,000 tons, high-speed wire (5.5-25.0mm) 500,000 tons, products are widely used in high-end manufacturing fields such as railways, automobiles, petroleum, electric power, oceans, ships and so on. Masteel undertakes the national "863" project, using the latest TMCP process technology in the world, mass production of non-quenched and tempered cold heading steel wire without annealing. The product has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection.

Product Catagories

Non-annealing, non-quenched and tempered alloy cold heading steel; suspension spring, bogie spring steel and automotive cold heading steel fine wire, spring steel bright steel bar, etc.

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