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Company Introduction

Hangzhou YouGongPin Technology Co. Ltd. is a technology driven internet company serving the industrial sector. 51HGP.COM is an e-commerce brand of the company. Starting with fasteners, HaoGongPin has built a database of 1 billion industrial fastener SKUs, covering 12 industries, 13 major categories and 15 countries around the world. The company has also built a national network of distribution system in China and has established a highly professional technical, sales, and operation team consisted of 150 employees and counting. Based on the idea of "Hardware digitalization, serving a smarter industry." HaoGongPin has constructed an integrated solution for the fastener industry in data, storage, distribution, transaction and logistics, which will effectively help integrate the whole industrial chain that heavily relies on fastener as a key part, and thus open the prelude of a new industrial innovation and reform in China.

Product Catagories

1. HaoGongPin offers an e-commerce B2B 3.0 online trade platform for fasteners. 2. Global fasteners standards search.3. GongYunLian SAAS for fasteners factories and wholesalers.

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