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Kunshan juntai hardware machinery co., LTD. Is located in yushan town, kunshan city, jiangsu province. Our company is the agent of Taiwan , Yung Ho Hsing gear pump, Taiwan WLP oil pump, Japan NOP gear pump and American Viking pump.Taiwan Yung Ho Hsing gear pump is the first Taiwan brand. It is cost-effective. It has been equipped with lubricating equipment for many hydraulic pump station manufacturers.American vikan VIKING PUMP, this PUMP is equipped with tungsten carbide wear parts and silicon carbide mechanical seal face, this design with processing pulp, paint, printing ink, filled with asphalt, and other corrosive liquids. Can prolong the service life, reduce the total costs of the user.Another we agent for the U.S. and Japan's NHK produced plug gauge (P) rules and depth gauge gauge (Q), the products are specially used to test the depth of the screw head whether specifications and testing tools. For details, please log on to our website www.ks-jt.com.cn specific product information. You are welcome to cooperate with us.

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Yung Ho Hsing gear PUMP / WLP OIL PUMP / Japan NOP Trochoid PUMP/us VIKING PUMP gear PUMP./American Universal gauge / NHK gauge

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