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Company Introduction

Hejian Longsheng Screw Co., Ltd. was established on December 13, 2007. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the quality policy of the former Hejian Longsheng screw factory "only unqualified products, no critical customers". Always aim for product quality and better service to customers.In order to better strengthen the quality management company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification on July 1, 2008.The company mainly produces agricultural machinery screw, machine tool screw. And can be customized according to customer requirements of various high-strength screws. Relying on a strict management system and reliable quality, the company provides supporting services for enterprises such as Changzhou Changfeng Group(supporting military products), Litong Machinery Factory of Cang County, and Potou Jinhua Railway Parts Co., Ltd.(supporting Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail).The company has always been committed to the production and sales of high-strength screws, has set up 3 sales offices outside the company to provide a strong guarantee for the company's sales.Our company has 100 employees, 10 management staff, 10 technical workers and 4 workshop directors. The company regularly training managers, since the establishment of the company has relied on good product quality and reputation, products in short supply, production and sales increased year by year.Company's existing bolt production and testing

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agricultural machinery screw, machine tool screw.

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