Han Dan Yang Yi Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Yang Yi Technology Co., Ltd focus on every kind of quality control (physical) testing machine, relevant software and circuit development. Apply to fastener, textile, packaging, paper, rubber/plastic, tapes, metal, and electronics industries.Cooperate with UL, NASA, CSC, WIHA, Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), IK4-CIDETEC, PPG COATINGS (TIANJIN) CO., LTD.…etc. which gotten compliments and supports. Capable of professional mechanical design, software development and circuit design which offer great inspection planning and service. Always be based on profession, technique, service, quality and creativity.

Product Catagories

Universal Torsion Testing Machine, Universal Material Testing Machine, Screw Drilling Tester, Fastener Bending Tester, Screw Testing Machine, Physical Testing Machine.

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Web: http://www.yytech-cn.com


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