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Since 1992, the company provides CNC machining and custom manufacturing services for a wide spectrum of industries like: Aerospace, medical devices, electronics, telecommunications, industrial sensors, and consumer products, etc.ISO- certified CNC machining factory in China, XINLIAN MACHINERY Precision Machining offer: CNC turning/turned parts, CNC milling/milled parts; drilling, tapping, honing, grinding, EDM, stamping , bending, precisioncasting,services.ADD: 5# Wuma Av,Wuma Industry Zone,Lubu Town,Yuyao City, Zhejiang ChinaTEL: +86-574-62317356FAX: +86-574-62317558WEB: www.nbxlmetals.comEMAIL: info@nbxlmetals.comsales@nbxlmetals.com

Product Catagories

Customized bolts and nuts, customized shaft pin, processing of various sleeve, support rod and screws, air intake and customized oil plug, etc.

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Web: http://www.nbxlmetals.com


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