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Mengxing lntelligent CNCspecial izes in the independent research and development of cold docking equip-ment,including aytomatic oil skimmer, packaging machine ,shot blasting machine ,material unloading machine, etc.We have professional technicians and professional automation.High-end talent for the program.Mengxing lntelligent CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co,Ltd. Is located at the east of 300 meters nirth of Laominghe Bridge in Hebeipu ,107National Road,Yongnian District,Handan city .Hebei Province .It has convenient transportation and is a member company of Hebei Standard Parts Chamber of Commerce .Since its establishment in 2015.It has optimized equipment structure and fine adjust equipment configuration,strictly strengthen equipment quality management,optimize and improve service system .The equipment is sold to Sichuan,Jiangxi,Fujian,Zhejiang,Shandong,andHebei.The overall quality and good service of the equipment have been recognized by customers and feiends ,waiting for everyone’s recognition and good reputationMengxing intelligent CNC equipment manufacturing will always adhers to the customer-centered ,quality first service concept and accelerate the pace of independent research and development of equipment,continuously improve the management of the company ,improve after -sales service and vow to share with each customer work hard,work together,grow together,make progress together,and enjoy the glory !In order to better serve you ,we have offices in Chongqing,Zhejiang,Ningbo,Taizhou,andDainan,Jiangsu.

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Oil shedding machine 、 Packaging machine

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