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Company Introduction

Shuangfan Group's SonecEnterprice(Kunshan)Co, Ltd "Patta"is the first manufacturerin China for self-drilling screws. Wehave more than 30 years of production history.We provide complete specificationsof our hardware architecture seriesself-drilling screws and blind rivets.we meet all the requirements for theU.S. AQSR quality managementsystem IS09001: 2000 certificationTechnical prowess, "good andinexpensive"are the motto of the“Pat” fastening series.Withperfect after-sales service, regularcheckup on costumers, has broughtsupport and trust of users home andabroad. Exceeding international standards, our products are sold tomore than 40 countries and regionsaround the world

Product Catagories

Hex washer head, Pan phillips.countersunk phillips, wafer Phillips(All of the hex washer headscan be customized to specifiedcoating nylon head and 304 stainless steelcap drilling screws), Blind Rivetmaterials come in low magnesiumalloy, high magnesium alloy, all ironstainless steel series, head shapescome in semi-round head and salad head.

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