Wuxi OVG Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Wuxi OVG Technology Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful Taihu International Science and Technology Park in Wuxi, is a high-tech enterprise funded by Wuxi Research Institute of University of Electronic Science and Technology. Mainly based on high-end photoelectric image equipment research and development and industrialization. Relying on the strong strength and industry influence of the relevant laboratories of the University of Electronic Science and Technology in the field of "optical, mechanical, software and computer integration equipment" in China, we will promote the construction of high-end photoelectric automation, fill in the domestic gaps, compete with foreign excellent enterprises and promote China's "smart" manufacturing.

Product Catagories

Fast Optical Image Size Measuring Instrument, Fast Optical Thread Measuring Instrument, Fast Optical Bolt Measuring Instrument

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Web: http://www.ovg-wx.com


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