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Company Introduction

Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ZCC) is one of the nation’s 156 key projects constructed in China’s “First Five-Year Plan”(1954), honored as “cradle of the cemented carbide industry in China”. Today ZCC has grown into a large cemented carbide production, R&D, operation and export enterprise.ZCC currently has 7 Professional Products Division, 2 production plants, 3 R&D centers, 1 testing center, and 5 holding subsidiaries. It has various types of production equipment and testing equipment. It has the production capacity of the entire cemented carbide production system from the production of raw material powder to the production of alloy products to the subsequent processing of products. It has the ability to produce and process cemented carbide of various types and shapes. The annual output of cemented carbide products ranks first in the country. The company adheres to the strategy of "technology and enterprise development" and continuously improves its independent innovation ability. The company has the highest level of hard materials R&D center, cutting tool R&D center and micro drill R&D center.ZCC owns the State Key laboratory of Cemented Carbide (China’s national key laboratory), one Nation-certified Enterprise Technology Center, one Industrial Product Quality Control and Technology Evaluation Laboratory, and one Non-ferrous Industry Cemented Carbide Product Quality Control Station of China. Additionally, ZCC was recognized as National Technical Center, Most Intellectual Property Procession Enterprise of China, and has the first postdoctoral scientific research station in Hunan. ZCC adheres to the quality policy of Technology-focused, Management-militarized, Quality-first, Diamond® customer-oriented. With this policy, ZCC was awarded the Quality Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Certification, Military Products System Certification, and Secrecy Qualification for Military Equipment R&D and Production Unit. ZCC holds firm to Customer-oriented marketing concept: strictly based on the customers’ needs, and continuously integrates technology into the services to improve customer satisfaction and to provide strong supports based on the market service.

Product Catagories

Advantages and leading cemented carbide products include cutting tools, PCB machining tools, roll, anvil, great products, the ball tooth, bar and so on

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