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Company Introduction

Handan Gufeng Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a veteran fastener manufacturer that has developed for nearly 20 years.The company usesproducts such as double-headed bolts-fully threaded nuts-type bolts as its core products.With quality,service and integrity as the fundamental development policy,we will gradually establish a comprehensive fastener production and trading enterprise with domestic trade as the center and foreign trade(Handan Gufeng Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd..).The company has a complete,scientific quality management system.Each batch of goods is strictiy material,grade,quantity control,so that the first time customers quickly and clearly into the warehouse.Over the past 20 years,the integrity,strength and product quality of the firm have been trusted and recognized by the industry and more customers.Here,we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit,guide and business negotiations.

Product Catagories

Double head bolt-fully threaded thread-high strength nut-heterotype nut-heterotype bolt, etc..

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