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The SBS Ecoclean Group belonged to a medium-sized German group and after the sale two years ago of the majority shareholding to the Chinese mechanical engineering company, the SBS Group, an international orientation was demanded. This is what we call Ecoclean’s rising momentum, from a business unit to finally an independent brand. The knowhow from the first industrial cleaning company dates back to 1956 and has been since then further developed. That is why we can gladly say today that the SBS Ecoclean Group has been for more than 60 years developing, manufacturing and marketing forward-looking machinery, systems and services for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment applications. The SBS Ecoclean Group is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and has two Centers of Competence also in Germany, one in Monschau, established already in 1971 - and the other in Filderstadt, established in 1984. The company which originates Ecoclean China was founded in 2004. Actually with 920 employees and 12 locations in 9 countries, from North America and Western Europe to India and China, we offer the great benefit of being close to our customers and also to have local teams responding to local market needs. Summing up, we are a multinational corporation with local roots and offer German state-of-art engineering through solutions to help companies around the world in achieving highest cleanliness requirements.

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EcoCcore – A new dimension in solvent-based cleaning

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