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Founded in 1996, ji is located in ningbo, zhejiang province, specializing in metal surface treatment.Up to now the product of plan is full of world each corner, already exported the traditional market such as Europe and North America, outspread domestic sale market, maintain swift and violent development momentum.The firm's steady growth has occupied the leading position in the anticorrosive market, while the establishment of corporate culture and accelerated development have laid a solid foundation for future success.From its initial export of hot-dipped zinc to its current zinc-coated automotive parts, wind power, rail transit and robotics.With a series of anti-corrosion products, we have continuously introduced advanced technology from Japan, Germany and the United States, and imported advanced production equipment from Germany and Spain.And is recognized by OEM manufacturers: such as Shanghai general motors, North America general motors, general electric, Volvo heavy truck, Shanghai Volkswagen, changan automobile and vestas, gamesa, Siemens and other automotive industry and wind power industry manufacturers recognized.Since its founding 20 years ago, chichi has been living up to its promise with actions.Ningbo factory and jiaxing factory have become the two core production factories of ji shi. The two production bases continue the advantages of ji shi and have excellent production capacity, products and high quality service to meet the various application requirements of customers in various fields such as automobile factories, fans and robots.At the same time to meet the needs of the rapid development of the market, accelerate the realization of the vision of a century-old enterprise

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Hot dip galvanizing, kumite, ducklow

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