Dongguan Fanrong Screw Tooling Co.,Limited.

Company Introduction

Fanrong(Jingcheng)Screw mould Co.,Ltd,established in July 2001 and have 11 branch factory in China .We also have office in Vietnam and Indonesia. The total staffs are over 300 people and we have 2000 customers in China and overseas .All customer sing high praise for our products and service.We are the one of the earliest company who passed the ISO9001:2008.We have the QC department and equipment with complete inspecting device.So. We provide the one-stop service/products.We design/manufacture for below products with professional attitude .It include,thread rolling die. Forging tools. Finished punch.We had the precise machine,studied the advanced technology,used the better raw material(steel and carbide) and we can make heat treatment by ourselves .All this enhance our quality and service.All of us hold the belief that.manufacturing with hearts and providing the honest service. We think we can go further.

Product Catagories

Thread rolling die for stainless steel. Thread rolling die for grooves. Thread rolling die for round end. Thread rolling die for cutting flat face.Thread rolling die for high strength screw.Stainless steel punch.Hex punch.Torx punch. Die for stainless steel. 6-segments die.

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