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Company Introduction

ZHEJIANG QUANYOU STANDARD PARTS Co.,Ltd. is well equipped with various multi-station cold heading machines and thread rolling machines imported from Taiwan. We can manufacture various non-standard and standard screws, such as self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, drywall screws, chipboard screws and stainless steel screws. We know great importance to environmental protection, so we are equipped with professional ventilation and oil suction pipes to keep our workshops clean and tidy. Sticking to the principle "Quality is the lifeline of the company”. The production management of our company strictly complies with ISO9001:2015system. All our products are subjected to strict test and inspection in each procedure by the workers and QC personnel periodically, starting from the raw materials delivered to the factory. The products shall be tested and inspected to be qualified before they are passed down to the next procedure. All workshops have basically achieved automatic production.We are ready for business with you.

Product Catagories

Drywall Screw\Chipboard Screw\Self Tapping Screw\Self Drilling Screw

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