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Company Introduction

Our company is mainly engaged in special equipment for cold forming mold industry, with professional design and production team, perfect sales and after-sales service, a number of national patent technology, three cold pier mold entity companies, located in Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang Province, our company's main goal is to provide better products and complete services for the industry, win-win cooperation and common development. In addition, our company and Shanghai University of engineering and technology jointly offer online courses, mainly providing courses such as UG and finite element analysis, aiming to improve the theoretical basis of industry application, simulate the development and verification of cold pier and hot forming, and improve the efficiency without the link of mold production verification.

Product Catagories

Mould assembly hydraulic press, nut mould locking machine, polishing machine, fluid polishing machine, cold forming tool and mould, complete set and non-standard development

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