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Boshlong,founded in 1990, is a national high-tech enterprise who specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of riveted parts. As the largest medium-to-high-end riveted manufacturer in China, the company was the first to develop the high-end market and it equips with the strongest ability to replace the import. With advanced manufacturing and testings equipment, Boshlong’s annual productions are more than 3 billion.Assessed and certified by the Fastener Sub Association of the China General Machine Components Industry Association(CMCA), Boshlong was awarded the title of “ Boshlong ranks first among the medium-to-high-end professional special-shaped rivet manufacturers in China, and its comprehensive strength is the top in the national riveting industry”.Boshlong mainly manufactures the customer-oriented products, which have been formed into a series including: blind rivets, rivet nuts, rivets, self-tapping thread nesting and electronic locks. Those products are widely used in automobiles, rail transit, IT telecommunications, engine, gearbox, hydraulic seals and financial industry. To strengthen the lightweight structural connection technology of new energy vehicles, Boshlong researches and develops the structural reinforcement, durable, high-strength sheet connections, structural formation and interior materials independently. It develops independent intellectual property and serialized products such as extruded sleeve nuts, earthing bolt, riveting plug and special riveting parts, providing a complete customized solution for the lightweight structural connection of new energy vehicles.

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