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manufacturer with super innovative ideas. The company is located in the beautiful scenery of the national health city-- No.7-9, Jiandai Road, Haimen High-tech Zone, located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic zone, is the radiation zone of Shanghai economic Zone, close to Sutong Bridge and Chongqi Bridge, with convenient transportation and advantageous geographical location.The company has advanced automatic production, testing and testing equipment, imported and domestic large steel mills st), international standards (ISO) and other high quality bolts, screws, Huasi, metal stamping parts and non-standardWith ERP management system, we produce GB, DIN and AN fasteners with AN annual output of 5000 tons. Quality management system has passed ISO9001:2000 certification, the products are widely used in domestic and foreign electric motors, electric vehicles, automobiles, wind power, high-speed rail, medical equipment, home appliances and other industries.Company adhering to the "integrity, responsibility, service, innovation" business philosophy, carry forward the "only entrepreneurship, not keeping business" spirit, the implementation of "dedicated to provide users with quality products and services" corporate policy, has firmly established a good corporate image in the customer. Especially in the field of high quality fasteners, the company has established a good reputation among the customer base through long-term experience accumulation. The company has a strong research and development team, not in accordance with customer expectations,To provide new products quickly.To be the "highly respected supplier in the industry" is the company's all staff diligently seek for the goal and a steady stream of power!

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Bolts, nuts, gaskets, standard parts, non-standard parts

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