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Company Introduction

Dongguan Taijishan Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a well-known enterprise with more than 20 years of mechanical research and development and production experience. It specializes in the production of precision guide pillar type high-speed power press, elbow type high-speed precision press, high-speed precision cold heading machine. The R & D Department of the company has gathered many elites in the industry. High, precise and top-notch R & D technical team, forming a technological innovation mode of production, learning and research. It has won the national "China famous brand cultivation warehousing certificate", "management quality certificate", "China high tech enterprise" and other authoritative certificates.Aiming at the needs of the most high-end precision stamping users, the company has developed core technology, materials, technology, design and development, replacing the imported domestic first high-end high-speed precision stamping equipment. A batch of advanced testing and processing equipment has been introduced from Italy and Japan, which can successfully manufacture the main core components of equipment with more complex structure and higher precision, filling the domestic gap. Serve China's high-speed precision stamping industry.

Product Catagories

Precision H-frame high speed press, elbow high speed precision press, multi-station bolt cold heading forming machine, multi-station nut cold heading forming machine.

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