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Company Introduction

After ten years of technical precipitation, Gerrytech Automation has become a perfect substitute for foreign brands of local enterprises, become one of the top domestic metal chip, surface treatment, welding coating and other related fields of senior experts with cleaning requirements. It is specialized in providing precision parts and powertrain cleaning system, automatic deburring system, testing system, pure water system, wastewater evaporator treatment system, centralized liquid supply and filtration system, etc. It has reached strategic cooperation with many fortune 500 enterprises successively. Equipment performance, cleanliness, reliability, stability, or environmental requirements and production costs have exceeded customer expectations. Gerrytech Automation's products have been exported to Europe and the United States developed countries.

Product Catagories

1、Advanced Cleaning Solution for Products 2、Auto Deburring System 3、Testing System 4、DI Water System 5、Waste Water Treatment System 6、Central Supplying Water/oil Filtration System

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