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Yiwen Company. has been established for many years, We are a professional research and development, The company has more than 80 employees .In the design team, there are many Taiwanese Engineers with more than 30 years of experience. All the equipment has unique and advanced design concepts, and combined with the opinions of on-site users, ensure the quality and humanized operation of the equipment, production, sales and service in incorporate screw machinery company. Taking the production of products with high precision, high speed, high performance and high cost performance as its management philosophy, it mainly produces 2D2B,2D3B,2D4B,3D6B,3D3B,4D4B,5D5B, 6D6B screw forming machine, rivet forming machine and high-speed rolling machine. The processing equipment of the company adopts advanced machine tools imported from Japan and Germany to ensure high precision of the machines.The main parts of the machine raw materials are imported from Taiwan and assembled domestically. The company also cooperates with well-known enterprises in Taiwan to act as original Taiwan's 1D2B heading machine, multi-station heading machine, nut machine and other screw machines and peripheral equipment. After years of unremitting efforts and the continuous struggle of all employees, the business has spread all over the country and some products are sold overseas. In order to get closer to and understand the customer's needs, the company has set up branch factories in Jiangsu, Shanghai ,Vietnam and Set up branches in other places. In 2018, we purchased land in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, and built our own factory buildings, committed to long-term and stable development. better service to customers. The multi-station heading machine developed by our company integrates the world's leading technologies and has the following advantages. 1. The machine adopts high-strength and high-quality castings, all of which are produced by Taiwanese enterprises. The brand meets international standards. Robust body ensures accuracy and long-term stability. 2. Lathe bed parts and processing all adopt computer cnc processing one-time processing, to ensure the precision of parts processing. 3. Main parts such as crankshafts, sliding plates and bearings are imported directly from Japan to meet the requirements of high performance, high speed and super wear resistance. 4. The lubrication pipeline is mainly made of aluminum pipe. The oil circuit is equipped with automatic circulation system which is transported under high pressure. It is not easy to block. The friction parts are specially treated to ensure the durability of the machine. 5. In view of the diversification of cold pier parts in the market, our company produces this machine with longer length and larger outer diameter cutting than other machines. 6. The machine is equipped with other functions (computer detoectin, Air- brake ,fully sealed shields, frequency conversion and other functions) that can be selected according to customer's needs. 7. According to the customer screw samples to develop products, can also be customized according to the samples of nonstandard machines.

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