Hebei Zhongtong Railway Fittings Co. LTD

Company Introduction

Hebei Zhongtong Railway accessories Co. LTD, founded in 2009, is an enterprise specializing in the production of railway bridge accessories and mining machinery equipment bolts products.The company mainly produces: bridge beam stop fall prevention, bearing the embedded plate, embedded T steel, steel bar, Angle steel support, the sound barrier pillar, embedded steel plate, a magnitude 10.9 fine tooth bolts, hot dip galvanized hexagonal bolt, elliptical head bolt, bucket type bolt, sectoral bolts, square bolts, ring groove rivet, U type pipe clamp, for custom make all kinds of special-shaped bolt and steel plate processing.

Product Catagories

Embedded parts of high-speed railway Bridges, special liner bolts for ball mill, hot dip galvanized bolts and nuts.

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