General Parts and Accessories Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Machinery Industry

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The General Parts and Accessories Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Machinery Industry is an inspection agency that has the third legalization status. It is one of national laboratories authorized by the CNAL. Open Laboratory of Zhong guancun. It is also one of product certification laboratories appointed by China Certification Center for Automotive Products and China Certification Center for Quality Mark designated. It is also the integrated technology development base of China Association of Railway Engineering Construction.Based on the cutting-edge technical strength and excellent intelligent resources of China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology and the Productivity Promotion Center, it boasts stable technical talents to bear the standardization, inspection, technology development and technology consultant services. It has a reasonable staffing structure, appropriate working environment and advanced technologies. Since its establishment, the center has successfully completed more than check tasks about springs, fasteners and pipe fittings products quality, such as the state supervision and united industry inspection, and reported to the relevant government departments of the situation and measures proposals about the products quality. To provide the first-hand data for government departments to formulate relevant industry policies and development strategies, our center was rated the excellent unit of quality inspection agencies many times. At the same time, we positively bear the inspection tasks customers delegate, servicing for enterprises and for industry technological progress, and do helps for improving the industry competitiveness. Every year, the center bears a great number of enterprises-commissioned inspection and experimentation projects, and domestic and foreign commissioned import and export products inspection projects. Through timely, accurate and quality service, we have won the trust of customers.

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General Parts and Accessories Quality Supervision & Inspection

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