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Zhejiang Guojian Testing Technology Co.,Ltd., an independent third-party institution, which found in 2001,HangzhouBay Sea-Crossing Bridge links this huge fastener producing machine. It offers this city the unique geographic advantages. Haiyan is in the center of one hour of urban Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou economic circle. We have passed the certifications of CMA, CAL, DILAC and Testing Institution Approval Certificate of Special Equipment/Class B certificate for Non-Destructive Testing.

Product Catagories

We can provide many tests to fastener products, including precision measurement, mechanics performance testing, metallographic analysis, chemical composition analysis,assembly performance,failure analysis and product identification test. (Fastener products: bolts, screws, studs, nuts, tapping screws, wood screws, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, assemblies and joints, etc.)

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