China Fastener Industry Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association

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Established in August 1984, China Fastener Industry Association is the first industry association relative to machinery products which is approved by the State Economic Commission. Members of the Association are companies engaged in fastener production and sales, as well as enterprises providing related equipment, dies, heat treatment service, surface treatment service, materials and etc. Currently the Association has over one thousand members.The Association plays an important role in promoting the reform, revitalization and development of China Fastener Industry as it provides services including organization of domestic and international exchanges, investigation and research, information transmission, personnel training, consulting services, plan formulation, integration of industry statistics, quality certification, recommendation of products with good reputation, exhibitions and sales, economic and trade negotiations, and etc.With a mission of providing services for the Industry and Members, the Association is endeavoring for offering advice and assistance in relation to the management of China Fastener Industry to the Government, and being the bridge and bond between government and enterprises.

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