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Company Introduction

LPS is a specialty products manufacturer and distributor to serve the Oil and Gas industry, with a focus on artificial lift and downhole equipment. From raw material to semi finished or finished components, our expertise provides a comprehensive and reliable solution to our customers. Since 2018, LPS began to expand its business to the field of industrial anti rust and anti-corrosion technology services.With a deep understanding of our customers’ industries and their business needs, our long-term sustainable growth is driven by an absolute commitment to project and commercial execution excellence, which differentiates us from conventionally organized service centers and offers our customers significant competitive advantage.LPS Specialty Products provides value added services including: OD/ID grinding, heat treating, straightening, honing, threading, keyway cutting, corrosion resistance technology services, etc. We also offer machined components and carbide wear parts from our state of the art machining facilities.

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Nano-Laminated Corrosion Coating Service

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