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Facing the demand of national strategic, the main battlefield of economy, theworld technological innovation and frontier of science and technology, Ansteelis shouldering the important task of made with wisdom in new era of China.By developing Ansteel spirit and assembling Ansteel wisdom on land, in theair and sea, Ansteel makes achievement of "The Pillars of a Great Power" to demonstrate that the Chinese manufacturers have a strong power.As the first restored large-sized steel maker of New China, Ansteel was known as “the Eldest Son of Iron and Steel of the People’s Republic of China”, “Cradle of the Chinese Steel Industry”.Ansteel has formed a cross-regional, multi-base and international development pattern and become a steel enterprise with rational layout in China. Ansteel can manufacture steel products with morethan 800 steel grades, more than 50000 specifications, coking products with 40 varieties and with more than 500 domestic and foreign customers and partners. The products are widely used in all industries and are exported overseas. As a company of world-class quality steel vanadium titanium and export of equipment and technology, Ansteel will always be adhering to the enterprise mission: "Producing better material, creating more wonderful life". Ansteel has been placing high importance on exercising social responsibility, committed to create values for shareholders, customers, employees and society, striving to set a good example in running business legally, keeping honesty, energy conservation and environmental protection, taking people first, building harmony, sending care and love, and carrying out targeted poverty alleviation, keeps promoting sustainable development of the enterprise, society and environment, thus builds a credible, green, safe, vigorous and responsible state-owned enterprise.

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