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Company Introduction

Dingxi High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966. The company has 50 years of professional experience in producing high strength fasteners. It has a high-quality talent team and strong technical force. Focus on the R & D and manufacturing of fasteners and special-shaped parts in the whole industrial chain in nuclear power, wind power, petrochemical and other fields. In the field of wind power, the company is a qualified supplier of main engine manufacturers such as Jinfeng technology, Mingyang wisdom, Chongqing haizhuang, Dongfang wind power, Sany Heavy energy and XJ wind power. The products are equipped with high-strength connecting pairs for fastening the whole wind power industry chain. The models range from 1.5MW to 8mW, and provide all supporting fasteners and special-shaped parts and components; In the field of nuclear power, the company is a qualified supplier of China nuclear power, Guangdong nuclear power and China nuclear power. It is a member unit of "China Guangdong nuclear power equipment localization joint R & D center", and has been awarded the only "nuclear power fastener production base" in China by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd; In the field of petrochemical industry, the company is one of the ten designated enterprises in China for the procurement of fasteners for the project construction of PetroChina refining and petrochemical sector.

Product Catagories

It produces all kinds of high-quality industrial standard parts and core parts such as national standard (GB), American Standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN), Italian standard (UNI), Japanese standard (JIS), international standard (ISO)

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