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Hongbo Standard Parts Factory in Wenzhou City is a private enterprise that integrates product development, production and sales. Our factory specializes in producing loose nut, DIN982, DIN985, GB889 nylon locking nut, American-made nylon locking nut, one Falangai, brake wire nut, horizontal hole, step nut, cover nut, round nut, T cap, flange nut, non-standard Nuts and other products. The factory has a variety of advanced automatic cold upsetting machine, cutting edge machine, roller machine, combination machine, cap press and other hundred stations, adopting advanced production technology, excellent process operation, strict quality inspection and management, plus the full process of responsibility cost management system, Provide high-quality products so that customers really feel that the value of the value. The products are suitable for basic engineering, auto parts, light industry, machinery, electricity, low-voltage appliances, furniture, building decoration, transportation facilities, etc., serving customers in different fields across the country.Our factory continuously expands the standard parts related products, and strives to become a professional industrial parts supplier, with high-quality products and perfect services to meet customers 'needs.

Product Catagories

Locknut, DIN982, DIN985, GB889 nylon lock nut, American British Nylon Lock Nut, one-piece flange cover type, brake line nut, cross hole, step nut, cover nut, round nut, t cap, flange nut, non-standard nut

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