Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co. Ltd.

Company Introduction

Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. is a non-standard automation equipment manufacturing company specializing in surface pickling treatment technology for metal products. The company passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification and GB / T29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System Certification and 3C Certification; there are currently 10 software copyrights, 4 utility model patents, 3 invention patents, and is Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprise. The main products are fully closed environmentally friendly automatic / manual picking(phosphating) treatment equipment for the metal product industry .This series of products is advanced technology, with good reliability, economics, and excellent maintenance, high automation, fully meet the country's latest environmental requirements and it can be customized according to customer needs. The product range covers the following metallic products: various wire rods, steel pipes, steel, small metal parts and plates.

Product Catagories

A series of fully enclosed environmental protection automatic/manual pickling (phosphating) treatment equipment for metal products industry.

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