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Company Introduction

Xi'an Guolian Quality Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, with over 20000 square meters of laboratories and over 700 professional technical personnel nationwide. Its service capabilities cover 42 fields, 121 major categories, and over 6000 parameters, with over 100000 cooperative customers and a total of over 600000 reports issued. Guolian Quality Inspection is based on inspection and testing, with life sciences and ecological governance as its wings, and internet+testing as its traction to create an industrial service platform. The platform layout includes five business lines: inspection and testing, certification/consulting/research and development, life sciences, ecological governance, internet+testing, and six business lines: industry, academia, and research. It provides services such as inspection and testing, safety evaluation, measurement services, system certification, technical services, supervision and spot checks, and research tours. The development of each business line ensures that we have nationally leading professional capabilities to meet the constantly changing customer needs. With professional and efficient service capabilities, we customize one-stop inspection, testing, and certification solutions to meet market challenges for customers.

Product Catagories

Various metal mechanical parts, high-strength bolts, pre-stressed anchor bolts, hexagonal bolts, anchor bolts, steel structural bolts, steel frames, steel plates and other product testing.

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