Shanghai RuiTu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Basing in Shanghai and focusing on the factories based in Mainland China of the world’s Top 500 enterprises in the fields including but not limited to the automotive, energy, heavy equipment, etc., and aiming to help the clients with cost reduction, we, Shanghai RuiTu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd (in short: RuiTu), uphold the value“Sincere as well as professional, dedicating ourselves to the world’s future; ”follow “Putting us in your shoes and serving to fulfil your demands,” and devote ourselves to providing the clients with practical and efficient design of tools, complete designed and valuable solution plans equipped with competitive cutting tools and precision fixtures. Our services, replacing imported tools with high-quality domestic ones, advanced tools’ R&D, and improving the technology and the manufacturing process are now helping our clients to remain competitive. Meanwhile, with globalisation, RuiTu has vigorously spread overseas pipelines to keep pace with our client’s global strategies. Our competitive services and goods are also applied in their overseas factories, which are now fulfilling the demands for global cost reduction to enhance and improve their competitiveness worldwide.

Product Catagories

Extrusion Roller; Thread Rolling Dies; Knurling Roller; Four-Point Set-up Pin; Six-Point Set-up Pin; Cutting Tools‘ inserts & steel parts; precision fixtures.

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