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Booth No.:H2-2363B

Booth No.:H2-1239


Threaded Rods, Short Studs, one end thread rod, double ends threaded rods, foundation bolts

Booth No.:H2-2133

KUNshan Yun Tai Precision Mould Co.,Ltd.

Design and manufacture of tungsten steel dies, fastener dies, cold heading / warm forging, hot forging dies / special-shaped parts.

Booth No.:H1-1562

Booth No.:H2-1939

Hisener Industrial Co.,ltd.

Timber screws, Chipboard screws, Self-drilling screws, Self-tapping screws, Drywall screws, Machine screws, Thread rods, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchors, chains &wire ropes, rigging hardware, etc.

Booth No.:H2-318

Shanghai Tongelec Electronics Co., Ltd.

T8 Highly Reliable ColdForming Force on-line monitor T6 High Speed ColdForming Force on-line monitor

Booth No.:H1-2116

Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd.

Xingtai steel’s products are mainly used to produce automobile engine cylinder head bolts, chassis welding bolts, body fastening bolts, walking system hub bolts, steering system ball head pull rod, air conditioning compressor bolts and other products. In addition, according to the special needs of customers, we developed non annealing, high hardenability, heat resistance, weather resistance and other special steel products.

Booth No.:H1-1706

Jiangsu Xingchangjiang Group Co.,Ltd.

bolt and nut

Booth No.:H2-1315

Shenzhen yixing standard parts co. LTD.

Combination screw

Booth No.:H2-1635A

Dongguan Guan Hong Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

Pressure Rivet Nuts, Riveting Screws, Rivet Nuts, Kelly Nuts, Aerospace And Military Fasteners

Booth No.:H2-1227B

Booth No.:H2-152


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