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Fastener Co. Ltd is located in the town of Panshi Industrial District of Yueqing city in the famous low-voltage electrical appliances in rural Zhejiang province. Existing modern standard production room 2500 square meters, engineering, technology, quality management personnel more than 30 people, is the production and operation of various sectors of the standard parts, non standard parts as the main products of professional enterprises. Domain fastening piece Co., Ltd. professional large-scale production of a variety of high strength bolt, 10.9 din7991 (flat glass), iso7380 (round cup), 12.9 DIN 912 (cup), and according to customer requirements in producing and designing all kinds of high difficulty of non-standard shaped pieces. Products are mainly exported to various parts of the country, the main products are widely used in automotive, pneumatic, low voltage electrical, electronics, communications, machinery and related industries supporting services.

Product Catagories

The professional large-scale production of all kinds of internal six angle non - standard high strength screws, flat cup DIN7991, round cup ISO7380, cup head DIN912

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