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Sheng Rui Sei komachinery Co.,Ltd


Suzhou Taizhan Mould Co., Ltd.

screw mold,Tungsten steel alloy mould

Hebei electric welder Limited by Shqre Ltd special-shaped fasteners branch

rivet nut,rivet stud and other special-shaped fastener products

Dongguan Shengyu Hardware Fasteners Co., Ltd

Blind rivets, non-standard customized blind rivets, rivet nuts, studs, press riveting parts

Ruian Yitai High-Strength Standard Co., Ltd.

cylindrical pin, taper pin, thread cylindrical pin, taper pin, taper pin, open the tail cone pin, rolled with hole pin, elastic cylindrical pin, elastic pin.


Roller-hearth continuous annealing furnace (RHF) Roller-hearth STC annealing furnace (STC) Pipe bright annealing furnace Unfolded (bright) copper strip annealing furnace (BAL/APL) Roller-hearth copper coils annealing furnace Stainless steel strip bright annealing line, CGL line RX gas generators, etc


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