Company Introduction

Nedschroef Machinery is a world leader on design and manufacture multi-station cold, warm and hot forming machines, company started in 1961, locates in Herentals – Belgium, and is part of Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding. Nedschroef Machinery represents the top level of cold, warm and hot forming technology, our machines are widely used for parts production in automotive, aerospace, construction, chemical and railway industries. More than 50 years of experience let Nedschroef Machinery have its unique understanding on metal cold and warm forming, in 2014 Nedschroef developed the first all servo driven NC machine in the world, most of the mechanical structures were replaced by servo driven technology, which was a big news in the market. Main products and service: multi-station cold formers, multi-station warm formers, automatic hot nut formers, parts straightener, cut off machine, tooling development and hardware, Nedform Academy.

Product Catagories

Multi station cold and warm forming machines, boltmakers, automatic hot nut ,bolt makers; automatic hot nut former,tools and tech

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