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Company Introduction

Eagle Metalware Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer specializing in the production of 12.9 class high-strength screws and a leading international fastener manufacturer established by "Hong Kong Fu Peng Investment Co., Ltd. " in the Chinese mainland combining production, R&D and sales. During the past forty years, it has given priority to customer requirements and innovation driven by cutting-edge technology, allowing Eagle Metalware Co., Ltd. to remain in the forefront of the industry and lead its development.Eagle Metalware Co., Ltd. specializes in series of socket head cap screws (SHCS), standard automotive parts and expansion screws. Since its founding in 1968, Eagle Metlaware has won the recognition and trust of customers worldwide by providing high-quality products with complete specifications and always adhering to the ideal of "considerate service and fasteners for the whole world".

Product Catagories

Hexagon Socket Cap Screws Series、Hexagon Head Bolts Series、Wheel Hub BoltsSeries

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