Zhejiang Yeswin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Company Introduction

Zhejiang Yeswin Machinery Co., Ltd is invested by two Taiwanese enterprises including Lianshyang Industries Co., Ltd and Yeswin Group. Yeswin was setting up from 1997, and it began to run in the end of 1999. The total amount of the investments is US$8,000,000. Yeswin Machine has two major operation systems: one is manufacturing cold forging machines; another is cold forging parts. Cold forging machines: Multi-Station cold forging Machines (5S/6S/6SL/P.K.O), Pneumatic Tapping Machines. Because of the high precision and speed, our formers are widely used in manufacture fasteners, bicycle parts, automobile parts etc.

Product Catagories

Multi-Station cold forging Machine, Tapping Machine

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