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Company Introduction

Carlo Salvi was established in 1939 in Italy. Over 4000 Carlo Salvi cold headers are installed throughout theworld. This brought the company to become a leading supplier of forming machines for the fasteners industry.Carlo Salvi offers a comprehensive range of high precision and fast cold forging machines, for wire diametersranging from 0.8 to 22 mm. Dia. suitable for manufacturing components employed in severaldomains, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and military industries. In order to cater for the fast growingdemand for Carlo Salvi products and service in China, Carlo Salvi Guangzhou was set up in 2011 to provide fastand efficient sales and after-sales service. Worldwide leading manufacturers of top-quality technology parts forhigh-level applications use with success our equipment in the aerospace, automotive, and electronic industry;Inparticular in China, big groups as Aerospace Precision Products (CASIC), CRRC Fastening System, StanleyEngineered Fastening, SFS Intec (Gesipa), Shandong Avic Glory Avistion Standard,YKK decide to use CarloSalvi cold and hot forming multistation machines.In 2016 Carlo Salvi has been acquired by Hatebur Metal-forming Equipment Co., Ltd.Hatebur is synonymous with first-class hot and cold massive forming, exceptional customer service, premium-quality precision tools and process engineering.Hatebur is one of the top worldwide leaders in hot forging machines, especially dedicated for bearing producers. The range of bar diameter is from 14 to 90 mm and the final product weight is from 0.02 to 7.5 kg.

Product Catagories

1 die 2 blow, 2 die 4 blow and multistation heading machine

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