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Since 1984,TSLG has established 7 manufacturing plants. It is the leading company in the filed of functional pre-coating on fastener in the world. With attentive and diligent spirit, our aim is to become the Value Solution Provider that offers efficient pre-coating services for fastener self-locking, sealing, thread protection/masking, anti-seize, dielectric insulation, and so on. TSLG has established Asia Technical Center with precote , and cooperates with the world’s leading adhesive brands, NYLOK、 precote、 3M、Loctite to develop the most advanced pre-coating application technology and support our customer from requirement and specification analysis, testing and verification, to application validation, as well as the standards establishment. TSLG has become the designated business partner of many leading automotive companies worldwide.

Product Catagories

NYLOK 、precote 、3M 、Loctite

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