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We are a big group company with turnover of 10 billion US dollars in 2012. and We are in charge of exporting products of Fasteners, incl. HEXAGON HEAD BOLTS ,HEXAGON NUT , made by our own manufacturer with capacity of over 250MT per day. Range size: (1)Hex. Bolts Diameter.: M6~M56(1/4~2") Length: 500mm max.(3/8"~20") Grade: 4.8/5.8/6.8/8.8 Standard: DIN,ANSI,UNI,JIS,ISO incl.DIN931/933/601/960/961,ISO4014,ISO4017 (2)Hex. Nuts: Diameter.: 3MM--72MM (1/4"---3") Grade: 6/8/10/12(ANSI 2/5/2H) Standard: DIN,ANSI,UNI,JIS,ISO incl.DIN934/439/6923,DIN985/986/982 We not only manufacture bolts and nuts, but also deal in all kinds fasteners incl. L BOLTS,U BOLTS, nuts,washers,thread rods,DRYWALL SCREWS,SELF DRILLING SCREWS, CHIPBOARD SCREWS.

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