Foshan Nanhai Weiye High-Strength Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.

Company Introduction

The company established in 1990, now focus on production of motorcycle accessories for the grand river group haojue suzuki which is supporting more than 1000 kinds of parts and components. In addition, we also produce high-strength bolts of grade 12.9 and sell them all over the country. In the future, we will use new material non-tempered steel to produce 8.8-level bolts. There are more than 100 cold heading machines, half of them are high-speed cold heading machines were new purchased, which can produce products size from M5 to M30 and length from 6MM to 300MM. The company has the whole process chain production capacity. From the entry of raw materials to product packaging, each process has an independent workshop to ensure good quality and track the detailed parameters of each process.

Product Catagories

Motorcycle fittings, 12.9 grade of high strength bolts, 8.8 grade of untempered steel bolts

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