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Company Introduction

Dujiangyan Beyond Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (DBMM) was established in October, 1992. We are located in Shiyang Industrial Park, Dujiangyan. Our office and factories occupy approximately 52360Sqm. land and able to produce over 3000 machines annually,Domestic advanced Cold-heading Machinery manufacturing enterprise.In order to make DBMM become more professional and provide better products to our clients, we keep generating existing technologies and importing forefront technologies into DBMM. So far, we mainly manufacture multi-functional bolts and parts stations, thread rolling machines and hollow heading machines.Our company mainly produces more reactive bits Drivehead machines, high-speed rub silk machine, nail making machine, cutting machine, slotting machine, cutting machine, feet, pull nails midair preceded axial automatic machine machine, etc.The company has a large number of true strong work, technical good operator, has excellent senior engineers and professional design talents. My company product type, quality is reliable, the price of advanced with sincerity, quick reasonable, 24 hours for clients, providing quality service. The products of our company in the unceasing renewal, with the international market to sync to meet the market demand.Our enterprise GenShenYeMao, our employees surmount, let us together hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!‘About creating value for partners’Beyond Machinery believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and other companies and their own cooperative relations between the units and individuals are their partners, and only through the efforts to create value for partners, can reflect their own value and achieve development and success.About ' honesty, tolerance, innovation, service ' Beyond Machinery believe that integrity is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite to solve the problem, innovation is the weapon of development, service is the fundamental of creating value.

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Heading machinery, thread rollers

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