Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd. (Xingtai Steel), built in 1958, is the largest professionalized high-end special steel wire rod producer with the most diameters of China. Xingtai Steel is the first wire rod producer in china, whose products cover smooth and ribbed wire rod coils with diameter form 5.5 mm to 42 mm and precision up to ±0.1 mm. Xingtai Steel has 5 high speed wire rod rolling mills, equipped with international advanced rolling technologies, and the total output reaches 3 million tones per year. The professionalized production makes the company more flexible to meet different requirements of down stream customers on many steel grades, many diameters, small quantities and multi batches. Xingtai Steel’s cold heading steel including low carbon, medium carbon and alloy, special cold heading steel products.Xingtai Steel keeps deepening company reform, firmly taking the road of producing high quality products, implementing the development strategy of “Perfect, professionalization and strong” and promoting technology innovation, remarkably improves products portfolio and process technologies. Xing Gang has won the "National Quality Award", "high-tech enterprises" and other honors Xing steel won many national wire products quality assured enterprise honor. Cold heading steel (fastener) and other 32 varieties won national gold award of metallurgical products .

Product Catagories

Xingtai steel’s products are mainly used to produce automobile engine cylinder head bolts, chassis welding bolts, body fastening bolts, walking system hub bolts, steering system ball head pull rod, air conditioning compressor bolts and other products. In addition, according to the special needs of customers, we developed non annealing, high hardenability, heat resistance, weather resistance and other special steel products.

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