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Company Introduction

Aerospace Fastener Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (AFT SH) is a world leader professional integrator in the field of aerospace/nuclear fastener manufacturing process, specialized in exporting the world class whole solution of fastener manufacturing technologies to China aerospace/nuclear.AFT end users are located in the field of AVIC/CASIC/CASC/Nuclear Power Plant/CRRC/CSIC.

Product Catagories

◆High-tech CNC Thread warm rolling machine & process;◆Automatic Drill, Point & Broach machine and Process;◆Fillet Rolling machine and process;◆Head Turning, Drilling, Reaming machine and Process;◆Reaming and Tapping machine;◆Nut Crimping Machine and process;◆Aerospace Thread Die and Toolings;◆Hot Forging process and machine for aerospace Fastener Mfg.◆Intelligent Induction Heating unit for aerospace Fastener Mfg.◆Inspection machine and process for the Form and position tolerance◆Retrofit of Intelligent Automation equipment for Aerospace Fastener Mfg.

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