Openex Intelligence Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

OPENEX, located in Shanghai, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing automation products and services to manufacturing enterprises.The company's key products are medium and high-end inspection machine, which uses machine vision, non-destructive testing and laser technology, and cooperates with robots and other mechanical devices to measure the size, defect detection, positioning and related assembly actions of the target. We are committed to produce the intelligence inspection and assembly system.The company's R&D and management team has many years of experience in the development of industrial automation plants, and the pre-sales and after-sales service personnel are enriched to meet the various customization needs of customers. The company takes technology innovation as the driving force and serves customers as its core. It customizes mechanized, automated, digital and intelligent solutions to improve the customer's production efficiency and product quality, and achieve the competitiveness of customers and the company itself.

Product Catagories

Optical inspection machine, high-speed counting packaging machine, magnetic conveyor machine, label inspection machine

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